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essay on Holi

Essay on Holi


essay on Holi the festival of colours in 600 words, essay on holi easy or not ?


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1. Introduction

holi is the festival of colors because people color one another‘s face. It is one of the main festival of Hindus. It is celebrated in the month of march it is mainly celebrated in India with joy and enthusiasm by the Hindu religion those peoples who celebrate this festival, wait for it one year eagerly to color each other and eat delicious food.

People forget their enmity and come together to celebrate this festival with brotherhood. So we can also say that holi is the festival for the end of enmity.

2. History of holi

the history behind this holy festival is a story believed by the Hindu religion. The story is in this way that there was a cruel king Hiranyakashyap long ag

o. He had a son whose name was Prahlad and a sister named holika.

The king says that he is the god and has a boon from Brahma ji that he couldn’t kill by any man, animal or any weapon. He ordered everyone to worship him but his son refuses that. So, he got angry on his son and punish him of death. He tried many ways to kill him but his lord Vishnu whom prahlad worships save him.

At last, hiranyakashyap called his sister holika that had a boon to not burn in the fire. He decide a plan to go to fire with prahlad. In this time also lord Vishnu saves prahlad and the holika bursts in the fire in spite of the boon. And the citizens were happy because prahlad was saved and then they celebrate next day which is presently known as Holi.

Essay on Holi

3. Celebration of holi

Essay on Holi
Essay on Holi

People celebrate holi with joy and enthusiasm especially in north side of india. One day before holi people celebrate the holika dahan.

In this people collects some burning materials from most houses and keep that at a place where people came and then they fires. People plays dhol, mridang etc. this event shows the end of evil powers.

Next day is the almost colourful day of the year. People wear white cloths and play with colours. The enjoyment on this is the max level. Especially, childrens drop colourful water on one another.

They rub colours on one another’s face . after that they eat delicious food.they dance whole day and drink a special juice called bhang.In evening, they bath and dress up to meet their friends and their family.

 In simple words, holi spreads harmony and brotherhood and brings happiness in our country.

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