English grammar book pdf in hindi

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English grammar book pdf in hindi

English grammar book pdf

A word are spoken or written together in a specific manner to create meaningful sentences. The interpretation of the message can be changed in how the words are arranged or used. In order to get the proper sequence of words to deliver the correct message we must understand the different categories or parts of speech. Eight different parts of speech have been identified in the English language, on the basis of which one can create and deliver a sentence with the proper content and message. English grammar book pdf

English grammar book pdf in hindi

Parts of Speech

8 प्रकाय के Parts of Speech (शब्द-बेद) इस प्रकाय हैं…

NOUN:– Generally, the purpose of a sentence is to provide information about or give instructions to a person, animal, place or thing. The word or words used in the sentence that refer to the name of the person, animal, place or thing are known as Noun. It is probably the most widely used part of speech

Nouns are classified as follows –
A. Proper noun
B. Common noun (i) Collective noun
(ii) Abstract noun

Pronoun :- A proper noun is a name of a person, place, or thing. The first letter of a proper noun is always represented by a capital letter

Common noun :
A common noun is a name given to one of a class of persons, animals, or things

Example: King, girl, boy, town, city, country etc, are the name of common to person or place. Hence, these are the common noun.

Collective noun
Collective noun is the name of collection of person or things.

Crowd A collection of people.

Army A collection of soldiers.

Fleet A collection of ships.

Flock A group of birds or animals.

Committee A group of members.

Herd A group of animals.

Jury A body of men sworn to declare the truth in courts of justice. English grammar book pdf

Abstract noun
Abstract nouns are names of qualities, conditions, or actions, considered abstractly, or apart from their natural connection.

Quality goodness, kindness, whiteness, darkness, wisdom, bravery English grammar book pdf

Action theft, fight, movement, hatred, laughter,

State childhood, youth, sleep, death, poverty, English grammar book pdf in hindi

Name of art and science (grammar, music, physics etc) are also abstract noun. Noun can be further divided in to two parts. English grammar book pdf

  1. Adjective
    Adjective is a word that tells what kind of a person, place, animal or a thing is. In other words adjective tells something about the noun. The adjective usually stands before the noun as it is, related to the noun. Usually adjectives are of three categories:
     Character or Quality of person / things – good, bad, claver, hot etc
     Color – All colors.
     Taste – sweet, sour, bitter etc.
     Ram is honest boy (Quality of person).
     Tree is green (Color of tree).
     Fruits are sweet (Taste of fruit).

English grammar book pdf in hindi

Adjectives are divided into following classes- 1. Adjective of Quality 2. Adjective of Quantity 3. Adjective of Numbers 4. Demonstrative adjective 5. Interrogative adjective 6. Emphasizing adjective 7. Exclamatory adjective

  1. Pronoun
    Any word that used in the absence of the noun or is used instead of the noun is known as Pronoun. Example: Ramesh is absent. We can use “He” instead of Ramesh. If we don’t want to refer any person, place or anything by name, then we use the words like “He”, “it”, “she”, “they”, etc. instead of naming anyone of them. The words that are used in the absence of the Nouns are termed as Pronouns. Pronouns are classified as follows – 1. Personal pronoun 2. Reflective and Emphatic pronoun 3. Demonstrative pronoun 4. Indefinite pronoun 5. Distributive pronoun 6. Relative pronoun 7. Interrogative pronoun 8. Reciprocal pronoun 9. Exclamatory pronoun 10. Impersonal pronoun 1. Personal pronoun : Pronoun which denotes the speaker, listener and the third person. Example: I, We, you, He, She, It, They etc. are personal pronoun because these are stands for three person.

English grammar book pdf in hindi

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