Why Video SEO Strategies Matter for Businesses

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Why Video SEO Strategies Matter for Businesses

Video as a form of content creation was present for a long time, but during the past few years, especially during the unprecedented times that COVID-19 has shown us. The business world realized how effective and efficient video content creation is for business and has started a kind of video revolution. More than 50% of companies include video content marketing, and business owners believe that video marketing is an integral part of their marketing strategy.

However, making video content and uploading are not enough; to reap the benefit of video content marketing, one has to optimise the video for the searches. By following some of the best practices for video SEO strategies, business owners will get greater visibility in the search results and drive more organic traffic toward their website. 

Before learning why video SEO strategies matter for businesses, let us understand What is Video SEO strategies.

What are video SEO Strategies?

Video SEO refers to the strategies used to optimise the video that has to be ranked and indexed on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for the relevant searches on the keywords. Hence, effective video SEO Strategies will capture organic traffic to the company’s website. It will help improve the ranking, broaden its presence on various social media platforms and get more backlinks. 

Why Video SEO Strategies Important for Businesses

Video content marketing has been gaining traction in the last few years and is becoming quite popular with businesses. With the help of good camera technique and editing skills, it has become easier to produce videos and upload them on online platforms.

However, with the explosion of video content on the internet, it is getting difficult to get ranked in the universal search results. Therefore, it is essential to engage with video SEO strategies to generate quality traffic and leads. 

Video Strategies That Will Help in Getting Quality Traffic

Use of Relevant Keywords in the Video

Before writing any content for the video, it is imperative to conduct a keyword search to know the popular search words that the audience uses to find the desired video from the internet. There are multiple keyword searching tools available that will assist you in researching the relevant keywords and using the same in the content of the video.

For example, keywords are added in the title of the video, description or used in the transcript of the video. Properly placing the keywords will help get a high ranking during the search.

Insert an Engaging Video Transcript

Video Transcripts are the text that is paired with the video that is a representation of the spoken content in the video. Incorporating transcripts with the video will help in reaching a wider audience.

Audiences who don’t or who can’t listen to video due to some disability or otherwise or the viewers whose native language is not English are some of the audiences that video transcript will help reach.

Invest in Quality Editing Tools

It is a given fact that people tend to watch videos of superior quality; inferior, grainy, and poorly edited videos are generally ignored. Hence, it is advantageous to invest in quality editing tools to get a good quality video. There is quite a lot of editing software available in the market that is easy to use and will give a quality output.

If you are not confident to edit the video yourself, consider taking the help of a professional editor to do the proper editing for you. An adequately edited video will work for the advantage as far as video SEO is concerned.

Keep the Videos Short

Today, people’s attention span is relatively more minor, and hence, they do not have the appetite for watching long videos. Therefore, it is an intelligent thing to do is to produce a short video for marketing. Video editors thereby trim and edit the video in the relevant places to cut down the length of the video without losing the core message.

Today there are quite a few online video trimmers available to do this job easily while doing the post-production work for the video. In addition, a short and simple video will help get more views compared to long-detailed ones.

Make Engaging and Click-worthy Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail is the first thing a person will notice while searching; hence it plays a significant role in video SEO strategies. Making use of strong thumbnail images will help in the click-through rate of the video as well as it will support the other SEO metrics.

As per experts, thumbnails are more critical than the title and description of the video, as it is what helps the searcher decide whether to click on the video or not. Thereby, ensure that the thumbnail you chose to use is relevant, compelling, and captivating.

Shareability of the Video

Ensure that the video content is optimised to be shared across various platforms. Video SEO will help generate organic traffic by sharing the video on multiple mediums will aid in attracting more viewers. More views indicate good video SEO strategies.

Adding Videos to the Blog

Adding Video to the blog is one of the successful video SEO strategies used quite often. This is because content with video attracts more attention than content without one. In addition, attaching a video with the blog will increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of the blog page as the search engines usually show the thumbnail of the clips in the search results.

It helps the blog to stand out from the competitors who use text-only descriptions and will compel the searchers to click on the blog with video.

It is clear that videos are not just for entertainment purposes, it helps move up the website search ranking. Furthermore, video content is beneficial in adding value to showcasing the work to potential customers. But if the video content is not appropriately optimised for SEO, businesses will miss out on a huge advantage. Hence, it is necessary to apply video SEO strategies to help your business grow.

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