Why and why not to opt online learning?

By: Vivek

Why and why not to opt online learning?

One of the most used terms during this pandemic is “new normal”. Why and why not to opt online learning?

The new normal in the education field is of course the latest method of teaching-Online Learning. Online learning has become extremely common in the last decade and the number of schools offering this type of education has considerably increased.

The most surprising thing about online learning is that it is not just confined to academics, but it also lets students learn extra-curricular activities as well. For many, this is a convenient way to obtain the desired degree; however, it is not without flaws.  You will still have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort to complete courses and other activities with excellence.

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Therefore, if you are thinking about enrolling in an online learning school, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of having in mind before doing so. Decoding the advantages and disadvantages will help you continue your learning journey without any obstacles.

Advantages: Flexibility

One of the most attractive features of online learning is that it offers a considerable amount of flexibility, unlike traditional education. Here students decide when to take classes and do the homework by meeting the required deadlines at their discretion and availability. This makes online education ideal for people who work full-time jobs, became parents, or cannot otherwise be physically present for lectures.

It not only lets you save time by not traveling to a physical location to take the class but also provides you the flexibility to study at your desired time. With such flexibility, online courses let everyone achieve their educational and professional goals in a manner that fits their schedule.

Flexibility is the number one advantage students like about online courses, although it still requires responsibility and completion of tasks. There are numerous assignments that you have to submit on time. This can be easily done taking the services of assignment help in Australia to save extra time and effort.  Time management is imperative for online education and a flexible learning curve allows students to successfully master it.

Disadvantage: Limitations

Unfortunately, there are certain things you cannot learn through an online course especially those that require practice under guidance. Practical learning is not possible via online learning. Some disciplines do not require practice, while others hugely depend on it and even use it as an essential teaching tool. For example, you cannot learn how to be a surgeon through an online course, but you can become an excellent translator.

The best approach to online learning is to look for as many practical opportunities as you can to practice your knowledge and improve it. Check the ads for internships and volunteering jobs, which is an ideal place to start looking for experience.

Advantage: No commuting or moving places

The main disadvantage of physical classes is the burden of a lengthy commute after a long tiring day. The mere thought of traveling takes away all the excitement of learning. Contrary to it, online education offers to gain knowledge wherever you are. You can take online courses at the coffee shop while commuting to work or drinking your morning coffee in your pajamas.  You can search for the class you have missed and catch up on the class later. The school does not care where you are when attending the online classes nor what you are wearing, as long as you fulfill obligations from your curriculum.

Disadvantage: Social interaction

Everybody learns in a different manner. Some students like to learn independently while some prefer to work in a community. However, the good news is that all the virtual learning platforms are devising new ways to make online learning as effective as physical classes.

Social interaction is a valuable asset for the learning process since you can exchange notes, remarks and discuss various topics with other students. However, online courses lack this opportunity for their students although you will be able to maintain a modicum of communication through messages and video chats. So, most of the time you will have to deal with the subject matter on your own which can be quite burdening and stressful.

The face-to-face contact with a lecturer is also, what greatly affects the learning process although you will be able to consult them at certain hours. On one hand, you will have to accept the individuality of the learning process here, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are introvert or shy, being less exposed to your peers and more focused on learning material may actually be a good thing.

Advantage: Different learning materials

There is a variety of materials at your disposal when attending online courses or schools, which you can freely use. Education providers like Precision Group tend to include various methods and resources to provide the best sources for subject matters and expand your knowledge. CDs, virtual classrooms, and webcams are some of the commonly used methods to teach. Still in case if you are unable to cope up with your online projects and homework, Assignment Help Australia academic service providers can provide you 24 hour online assistance.

Disadvantage: Financial aid may be unavailable

Scholarships are an important part of education and usually cover some or most of the costs. However, not all online courses offer financial aid to their students, which is a big issue for some students. In order to find a course that is appropriate for you financially and educationally, do extensive research. In addition, some online schools may offer discounts if you pay in full or to pay in installments which can be helpful.

Advantage-No technical issues

Unlike online classes, there is no scope for technical issues in physical classes. Teachers come to the classroom, teach you and that is it. No cumbersome apps required no problem of audio and video, nothing.

Disadvantage-More screen time

Sadly, with online learning, screen time increases considerably. Excess screen time leads to numerous ailments like vision problems, headaches, bad posture, etc. In addition, one of the main disadvantages of learning online is the easy distraction. However, many online learning apps are now focusing on how to make their learning platform more engaging to help students from getting distracted.

In the end

People often think of online learning as something simple and easy, but in fact, it is more than that. It offers benefits that traditional education lacks and allows for a broader range of people to obtain the desired degree. If you can handle the disadvantages, online learning can be a rewarding method to make yourself more qualified and expand your knowledge.

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