best intelligence agencies in the world

By: Vivek

Intelligence Agencies of Different Countries

CountryIntelligence AgenciesHeadquarter
  IndiaResearch & Analysis Wing (RAW)New Delhi
  IndiaIntelligence Bureau (IB)New Delhi
  ChinaMinistry of State Security (MSS)Beijing, China
  United States  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)Virginia, United States
  RussiaForeign Intelligence ServiceMoscow, Russia
  FranceGeneral Directorate for External Security (DGSE)  Paris, France
  United Kingdom  Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)London, United Kingdom
  IsraelInstitute for Intelligence and Special Operations (Mossad)  Tel Aviv, Israel
  PakistanInter-Services Intelligence (ISI)Islamabad, Pakistan
  CanadaCanadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)  Ottawa, Canada
  AustraliaAustralian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)  Canberra, Australia
  GermanyFederal Intelligence Service (BND)Berlin, Germany
  BrazilBrazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN)Brasília, Brazil
  JapanPublic Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA)  Tokyo, Japan
  New ZealandNew Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS or NZSIS)Wellington, New Zealand
  Saudi Arabia  General Intelligence Presidency (GIP)Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  NepalNational Investigation Department (NID)  Kathmandu, Nepal
best intelligence agencies in the world
  AfghanistanNational Directorate of Security (NDS)Kabul, Afghanistan
  BangladeshNational Security Intelligence (NSI)Dhaka, Bangladesh
  North KoreaReconnaissance General Bureau (RGB)Pyongyang, North Korea
  South KoreaNational Intelligence Service (NIS)Seoul, South Korea
  IndonesiaState Intelligence Agency (BIN)Jakarta, Indonesia
  IranMinistry of Intelligence (VAJA)Tehran, Iran
  IraqGeneral Security Directorate (GSD)Baghdad, Iraq
  SingaporeInternal Security Department (ISD)Singapore
  ThailandNational Intelligence Agency (NIA)Bangkok, Thailand
  Sri LankaState Intelligence Service (SIS)Colombo, Sri Lanka
  ItalyExternal Intelligence and Security Agency (AISE)  Rome, Italy
best intelligence agencies in the world

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