Important Indian War History in English 261 BC to 1945

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Important Indian War History in English 

(Year-wise information on important wars (battles) of Indian History) –

When and between which major wars (battles) took place in the entire Indian history and historical wars (battles) in the world (middle ) Including the names of the rulers and the winning rulers and the place of war, including the list of major Indian wars(famous Indian war history in hindi )is as follows:  

Important Indian War History in English

Important Indian War History in English
Important Indian War History in English

The list of important Indian wars (list of important war of Indian history) is as follows: –

Kalinga War (261 BC)

This war took place between Emperor Ashoka and the King of Kalinga (present-day Orissa). Emperor Ashoka conquered it, but his heart was moved by this war. Due to this, he accepted Buddhism.

Battle of Peshawar (27 November 1001)

The battle of Peshawar was fought between the Ottoman invader Mahmud Ghaznavi of Ghazni and the Brahmin king Jaipal of Punjab. In which King Jaipal was defeated

First battle of Panipat (1526 AD )

This war took place between Babar and Ibrahim Lodi in northern India on 21 April 1526 AD. Babur conquered it and laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire in India.

Battle of Khanwa (16 March 1527 AD)

The war took place between Babar and Rana Sanga of Mewar at the Fatehpur Sikri Khanwa site in Rajasthan (Bharatpur). Babur defeated Rana Sanga and reduced the morale of the Rajputs.

Second Battle of Panipat (5 November 1556 AD)

This war took place between Akbar’s General Bairam Khan and Hemu in the plains of Panipat . Hemu was defeated in this.

Battle of haldighati ( 1576 AD)

This historic war took place on 18 June 1576 AD between King Mansingh and Maharana Pratap on behalf of Akbar at Haldighati near Udaipur in Rajasthan . Maharana Pratap was defeated in this battle

Third Battle of Panipat ( 14 January 1761 AD)

This war took place between Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marana rulers. The Marathas lost their power in this.

First Mysore War (1767-1769 AD )

In this First Anglo-Mysore War, the East India Company on one side and the ruler of Mysore on the other side were Hyder Ali and Nizam of Hyderabad. In this fierce war, Hyder Ali and Nizam won and the British were defeated. The English army was being led by Sir General Smith in this war. In which took the Changamas and Trinomalee. Later, the British defeated by Hyder Ali and his army surrounded Madras on three sides in March 1769 AD. Where the British forced the Treaty of Madras on 4 April 1769 AD.

Third Mysore War (1790-92 AD)

This war took place between the British and the ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan was defeated in this and had to make a treaty.

Fourth Mysore War (1799AD)

This war took place between Tipu Sultan and the British. Muslim rule ended with the defeat of Tipu Sultan in this war.

Second Maratha War (1803-05AD)

This war took place between the Marathas and the British, in which the Marathas were defeated

Third maratha War (1817-19AD)

This war took place between the English armies and the Marathas. In this, the rule of the Marathas ended forever and the British rule spread completely in the south

Indo-Pak War (1965 AD)

This war took place between India and Pakistan. It was a huge war from the point of view of tank warfare. The ceasefire was reached by the resolution of the Security Council

Second Indo-Pak War (1971 AD)

This war took place between India and Pakistan over Bangladesh, in which India was conquered. 93000 soldiers from Pakistan surrendered to the Free Corps Army of India. East Pakistan became an independent nation by the name of Bangladesh.

World war 1 (1914-1918 AD)

The war began with Austria invading Servia because Servian killed Duke Ferdinand of Austria. Germany participated in the war to support Austria and came to Russia with Servia. Britain and France came to Russia’s aid and later the US participated.

Germany was assisted by Turkey, Bulgaria and Hungary, and on behalf of the Allies, Japan came to Belgium and Italy. There were many battles in this war. In which Germany and its allies won, and in some cases England and its allies.

In this war, about 26 million people were killed, 2 crore were injured and 39 crore orphan widows became refugees. Germany was ultimately defeated, its emperor fled the kingdom. The ceasefire was signed in 1918 AD after a battle for 4 consecutive years. The signature was based on 14-point terms.

As a result of this war, new countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Estonia, Leonia, etc. were created.

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World War 2 ( 1939-1945 AD)

As a result of the Treaty of Versailles, the Allies received political and economic benefits, the same reached Germany and had to be humiliated. A severe economic crisis arose in Germany.

Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany saw the rise of nationalism and they became powerful again. There was a competition to take possession of more and more commercial places and land for his nation.

All these reasons gave birth to the Second World War. In this war, many battles took place and crores of people were killed. The Germans were split into two and divided into Worlin.

The US dropped Atom forces on Japan’s Nagasaki and Hiroshima, causing Japan to surrender. The ceasefire was finally signed in October 1945.

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