why need Smart Class in 2021

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why need Smart Class in 2021

Smart Classes at Modern English Academy Catches the Eyes of the Parents in Nanaura ,keoti Darbhanga

School motto

The school’s “learning to be” line clarifies that the school focuses on learning about life and the world through a variety of aspects. The four walls of the classroom do not give students the full comprehensive understanding. Visual learning and smart classes manage mental learning using visual smartboards.

Why is learning easier with Smartboards?

Smart classes provide smart boards for students, which are a source of visible help for students. With state-of-the-art smartboards, children are better at learning lessons and learning better than normal classroom lectures. Learning about smart classes from the lower classes follows students and enables them to lead a successful future career with flying colors.

why need Smart Class in 2021

Long-term planning

The school also aims to make students content through smart classes to prepare them for future competitive exams. Experimental and psychological learning is enough to pass competitive exams. Here, the school plays a vital role in shaping the steps for a promising future. Entering a prestigious institution is a dream come true for every student, and the school is working toward that goal.


The school supports staff and teachers who assist students in learning about smart classes. Teachers are given specialized training on how to use smartboards and manage classrooms. Three qualified professionals are appointed by the school to handle technical aspects. School administrators have contacted an independent company called Extra marks, and they are the ones selling after the transformation classes. Geetha Varshney, the school’s principal, was responsible for the violence. He understood the difficulties of the students, which led him to start smart classes.

The response of students and parents to this new approach

why need Smart Class in 2021

Students at Modern English Academy  , have responded enthusiastically to the new situation. They began to take an interest in the subjects and felt very comfortable in the classroom. Student performance improved after the advent of smart classes. Pupils’ parents are satisfied with the new teaching structure, and are asking for more interactive teaching strategies.

The school always provides students with a quality education. Every student in the country is entitled to a quality education, such as Modern English Academy students. Government and the private sector must provide free and quality education to all students in the Nanaura area. New technologies such as smart classes make student learning easier; therefore, their implementation leads to a better future. New ways of learning should always be of great concern to teachers. All Indian schools should initiate various teaching strategies for their students such as Modern English Academy

Modern English Academy is the best school , where every parent wants their children to be accepted. New teaching makes students brighter than students at other schools on the Nanaura Darbhanga  expressway.

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