Best Keyword Research Tool

By: Vivek

Hey! Are you part of digital marketing, or learning the word SEO. And searching about best keyword search tool then i am here to tell you about the best keyword research tool.Keywords are an important part of SEO or ranking factor.. So i wanna tell you that if you are a beginner in seo then i will not recommend the paid keyword research tool.Best Keyword Research Tool

Best Keyword Research Tool
Best Keyword Research Tool

I know you are thinking Best Keyword Research Tool about the competition and beating your competitor. For that you have to grow your skills and know more about SEO.

What is the keyword word mean

Before looking at the best keyword keyword research tool, let me explain what keyword actually is. Keywords are those words or phrases which teb people and the viewers search the most. And we choose those keywords which have the most search volume, and a high CPC(cost per click).Best Keyword Research Tool Keywords also tell us that the content we write or read is related to what and what it is talking about.

Best keyword research tool

Now, in this article you are getting an idea about the best keyword search tool. There are lots of tools which cannot tell you everything like search volume, keyword suggestion, CPC of that keyword. Let me clear one of them that the keywords you find from the keyword research tool, they are just an idea, you have actually experienced that from the top 10 websites related to your keyword .Best Keyword Research Tool Is that keyword you are using really beneficial or not? If it is beneficial then is it a long tail keyword or not, right? Maybe you understand what I am talking about.

The best keyword research tool are

Keyword planner

This is a Google key-word planner. So in case you need to apply it as a key-word studies device, you need to first create a google award account. After this process, you may begin a look for your high-rating Best Keyword Research Tool key-word. Here you may locate masses of key-word ideas, month-to-month seek extent with the competition. You ought to use this key-word due to the fact the records we study on this key-word seek device have at once come from Google.


Ubersuggest is a famous tool which people use this. This is a best and unpaid tool service given by the person neil patel. He is a SEO master. This tool has many feature if you watch, it can tell you the keyword, keyword suggestion, keyword idea, keyword competition, CPC, search volume, SEO difficulty. Its having the awesome thing is that it can tell you the top 100 primary and secondary keywords for your blog. And choose the perfect keyword. In unaid it can tell you the the limited keyword may be only 10 and if you use that in paid manner then you can use it alot. It has one disadvantages is that only one email id you can use or find keyword in only 4 times.

Answer the public

It is also the amazing keyword research tool and its interface is awesome where a man is on the screen and doing some expression which looks attractive. Its having the most interesting thing is that it can show you the LSI keyword also. LSI keywords are already indexed in search engine. It help you to rank your website in google. Its also the one drawback is that in this tool you are hard to find the search volume. And if visit the tool and find a keyword then you can see that this tool saw you the green color. Darker green color means high competition and dull green color means low competition.


Semrush is also the best tool as I have experienced. So you can find keyword in both pais and unpaid method. So if you want to find the best keyword, you have to click on “get started” and start finding your keyword. Get this thing i your mind is that you have only 10 chance in a day to find a keyword, after that it wil asking you for the generate the paid process.

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Keyword surfer

Keyword surfer is a chrome extension which tell you everything about the keyword what you are searching for. So it also the beneficial thing and also the best chance to grow your content in upper rank. It can tell you the search volume, CPC, and even you also create the list secondary keyword which you can use in your article or blog.

Ahref keyword explorer tool

I also recommend choosing this tool for keyword search because this tool tells everything about your searching keyword- the difficulty level, search volume, CPC, Best Keyword Research Tool it can also give you the assumption that how many clicks will be in your keyword after pacing in your article. But that is an assumption not in reality. In this you can check the backlinks, that is more useful to rank your article as high as you want to.

So whatever tool you’re using may always suggest to you that you simply simply got to analyze your keyword in google’s ranking page whether it’s working or not. The keyword research tool always gives a guess about the keyword, its volume, and thus the competition so I always suggest you to after searching on keyword searching tools attend google and use that keyword within the search box to experience the very best 10 websites whether it’s really beneficial or not.

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