Major River Valley Projects in India

  Project  River  Related State
    Bansagar Project    Son  Bihar Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
  Bargi Project  Bargi  Madhya Pradesh
    Beas Project    Beas  Haryana Punjab Rajasthan
  Bhadra Project  Bhadra  Karnataka
      Bhakhra Nangal Project      Sutlej  Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajsthan
  Bheema Project  Pawana  Maharashtra
  Chambal Project  Chambal  Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh
  Damodar Ghati Project  Damodar  Jharkhand West Bengal
  Dulhasti Project  Chinab  Jammu & Kashmir
    Durga Barrage Project    Damodar  West Bengal Jharkhand
  Farakka Project  Ganga, Bhagirathi  West Bengal
  Gandak Project  Gandaki  Bihar, Uttar Pradesh
  Ganga Sagar Project  Chambal  Madhya Pradesh
  Ghatprabha Project  Ghatprabha  Karnataka
river valley projects in India

  Girna Project  Girna  Maharashtra
  Hansdev Bango Project  Hansdev  Madhya Pradesh
  Hidkal Project  Ghatprabha  Karnataka
  Hirakud Project  Mahanadi  Orissa
  Idduki Project  Periyar  Kerala
    Indira Gandhi Canal Project    Satlaj  Rajasthan Punjab Haryana
  Jawahar Sagar Project  Chambal  Rajasthan
  Jayakwadi Project  Godawari  Maharashtra
  Kakrapara Project  Tapti  Gujrat
  Kangsawati Project  Kangsawati  West Bengal
  Kol Dam Project  Sutlaj  Himachal Pradesh
  Kosi Project  Kosi  Bihar & Nepal
  Koyana Project  Koyana  Maharashtra
  Krishna Project  Krishna  Karnataka
  Kunda Project  Kunda  Tamilnadu
  Let Bank Ghaghra Canal  Ganaga  Uttar Pradesh
  Madhya Ganaga Canal  Ganaga  Uttar Pradesh
  Mahanadi Delta Project  Mahanadi  Odisha
  Malprabha Project  Malprabha  Karnataka
  Mandi Project  Vyas  Himachal Pradesh
    Matatilla Project    Betwa  Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
river valley projects in India

  Mayurakshi Project  Mayurakshi  West Bengal
  Minimato Bango Hasdeo Project  Hasdeo Bango river  Madhya Pradesh
    Muchkund Project    Muchkund  Odisha Andhra Pradesh
  Nagarjunsagar Project  Krishna  Andhra Pradesh
  Nagpur Power Project  Koradi  Maharashtra
    Narmada Sagar Project    Narmada  Madhya Pradesh Gujarat
  Nathpa Jhakri Project  Sutlaj  Himachal Pradesh
  Panam Project  Panam  Gujarat
  Panama Project  Panama  Gujarat
  Panchet Project  Damodar  Jharkhand West Bengal
  Pong Project  Beas  Punjab
  Poochampad Project  Godawari  Andhra Pradesh
  Purna Project  Purna  Maharashtra
    Rajasthan Canal Project    Sutlej, Vyas, Ravi  Rajasthan Punjab Haryana
  Ramganga Project  Ramganga  Uttar Pradesh
  Rana Pratap Sagar Project  Chambal  Rajsthan
  Ranjeet Sagar Project  Ravi  Punjab
  Rihand Project  Rihand  Uttar Pradesh
  Salal Project  Chenab  Jammu & Kashmir
river valley projects in India

    Sardar Sarovar Project    Narmada  Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Rajasthan
  Sarhind Project  Sutlaj  Haryana
  Sharawati Project  Sharawati  Karnataka
  Sharda Project  Sharda, Gomti  Uttar Pradesh
  Shivsamundram Project  Kaveri  Karnataka
  Sutlaj Project  Chinab  Jammu & Kashmir
  Tawa Project  Tawa  Madhya Pradesh
  Tehri Dam Project  Bhagirathi  Uttarakhand
  Tilaiya Project  Barakar  Jharkhand
  Tulbul Project  Chinab  Jammu & Kashmir
  Tungbhadra Project  Tungbhadra  Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka
  Ukai Project  Tapti  Gujarat
  Upper Penganga Project  Penanga  Maharashtra
  Uri Power Project  Jhelum  Jammu & Kashmir
      Vyas Project      Vyas  Rajasthan Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh
river valley projects in India

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